San Antonio, Texas
6’1 | 248lbs | Age: 27

Fox Van Hood is part of the now famous Van Hood Wrestling Family. He and his twin brother Vince have been with the company since its inception. The brothers and their younger sister Valiant, were all trained by their father, Leo Van Hood in at their home ranch in San Antonio. Fox has always been the outlier of the family. Still blessed with his brother’s athleticism, Fox is far more eccentric. From his tattoos to his hair, Fox marches to the beat of his own drum. As of this writing, they are the reigning United World Tag Team Champions. The brothers defeated Rich and Famous in August to claim their 3rd tag team title reign. They are the only three time tag champions in company history. Their last title defense came against American Hustle, which ended in an ambush by the Black Flag.

Van Hood Family Moonsault