United Television Champion

Chicago, Illinois
6’2 | 236 lbs | Age: 34

Jericho Cage has been in the ring for over 13 years. He debuted at the age 20 in Chicago City Wrestling (CCW). There he cut his teeth under the tutelage of established stars like Hank Holland and Gregg Bobby. By 24, he was signed to a full-time contract with American Championship Wrestling (ACW). Cage spent 3 years in ACW as Calicoe, winning the tag titles on two occasions, with two separate partners. Looking to create his own legacy, Cage would depart ACW in 2013 and become a nomad, working in North America and Japan. Cage’s big moment came in 2015 when he won the Triple Crown in Japan. In 2016, Jericho Cage would follow his mentor Hank Holland and join UPW. Here he would blossom into “The Wave” we know today. In 2018, he defeated Gavin Edwards to be come the second Television Champion, and would regain the title in April of 2019. He is currently the longest reigning champion in UPW.

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