Backstage Segment With Christian Crain and Sloppy Joe:

We’re rushed backstage for a incident. We find Christian Crain assaulting Sloppy Joe in the parking lot. Joe is getting beaten like a government mule. Crain tosses him on the hood of a Camry. Crain gets up there himself and powerbombs Joe through the windshield of the car!

Backstage Segment With Tauro and Jericho Cage:

Tauro runs into Jericho Cage in the hallway. Tauro tells him that he’s happy to finally meet “The Wave” in person. They exchange respect and they shake hands.

Backstage Segment With the Locker room:

A few members of the UPW locker room are seen together. Flash Adams, Koba Mabuchi, 101 (Grand and Puerta). Flash shows the boys footage of what happened to Soppy Joe. He tells them to stay out of harms way and stay focused on the goals. He specifically tells Koba to “keep his eyes on the gold”.


Jackson Porter and Fox Van Hood start off. Fox rushes in and gets hit with a dropkick from Porter. That stuns Fox. Porter brings Fox to his feet and tosses him into the Black Flag corner. Porter tags in Harris and they double team Van Hood, belly-to-back suplex from Harris. Harris with a big press slam. He then locks in a nerve hold. Fox fights out and sweeps the leg. The two battle back and forth before Harris whips Fox into the Van Hood corner. Harris knocks Vince off the apron and hits Fox with a big side slam. Harris looks for a Uranage, but its countered by Fox. Fox tosses Harris into the corner for a tag to Vince. Double back elbows by the champs. Vince comes in hot with kicks to the chest and back of Mars Harris. Vince starts to gain steam, he climbs to the top rope–likely looking for the Van Hood Moonsault– but Porter knocks him off the top rope! We break for commercial.

We’re back from break and chaos has broken loose. All four men are in the ring and then out on the floor. Fox and Porter are fighting on the near side of the ring while Harris and Vince fight on the far side. Chaos is everywhere. Harris pulls out a table and smashes Vince in the head with it. Fox hits and unprettier on the outside and climbs back in the ring to the tope rope. Harris is setting up the table and working to get Vince on it. Fox dives and drops a huge leg drop, from the top rope to the floor on Porter! Porter has been nullified. Harris and Fox meet in the ring. Face to face. They begin to go blow for blow. Harris goes to toss Fox in the corner. Fox reverses it, and starts littering Harris is kicks. But Cameron Rose just jumped the barricade! Rose is on the top rope– BlackStar through Vince through the table! Fox cannot believe what he just saw. The distraction leads to a BlackHammer. 1.2.3!


Backstage Segment With Kennedy Wynn:

Kennedy Wynn is backstage nursing his wounds when Eric Tyler enters the room. “Icing that ass whopping?”, Tyler jokes. Tyler says that he respects Wynn’s audacity. He says that if he thinks he’s that good, he can prove it next week. Tyler hands him a envelop with a contract–a World Title match next week, against Tauro!

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