From New York, NY

Opening Segment:

Eric Tyler opened the show and welcomed the crowd to the debut episode of Monday Might. Tyler was interrupted by “Your Nemesis” Kennedy Wynn. Wynn called Tyler a “has-been” and told him to leave so “the wrestlers could get themselves over.”

Tyler obliged, and left the ring. Wynn began his rant when the music of the World Heavyweight Champion hit. Tauro made his way to the ring to Wynn’s surprise. The two went face to face, before Wynn attempted to sucker punch Tauro. Tauro blocked it and dropped Wynn with a headbutt. Wynn received a Durango Frog Splash for his trouble.

Backstage Segment With Riley Q and Regina George:

The Women’s Champion of the World, Riley Q, is backstage. She approached by Regina George. Riley immediate starts to pop off, telling George that she’s “The Top of the Mountain” among other things. She continues and notes that George will a footnote in her division.

George says that the two will meet next week and the footnote will read “new women’s champion!”


The match opens with a lock up, as Cage pushes RDJ to the ropes. The refs seperate the two men as The Wave takes control. Cage hits RD with a dropkick and follows up with a rope-assisted spinning neckbreaker. He really spikes Johnson. Cage rolls into the cover and gets a two count. Cage hits a second neckbreaker and chains it into a Cage Technique. RDJ looks to be in trouble for a moment but then powers out of the submission. He lays in some strikes and works Cage into the corner. RDJ elevates The Wave to the tope rope and brings him down to earth with the Tower of Fargo. Cage is rocked. Johnson begins to stalk the champion. Cage wobbles to his feet and RDJ lifts him up for the Johnson Driver. He hits it. Johnson in to the cover. 1. 2. And Cage kicks out at 2 and 7/8ths.

We break for commercial.

When we return from the break, RDJ continues to put the pressure of the Television Champ. Cage slips out the back of a body slam and hits another Pele Kick to create some space. RDJ rolls to the apron to gather himself, Cage meets him and hits a DDT on the apron. RDJ is rocked. Out of nowhere, Cage flies through the air with a Spaceman Plancha to take over the match.

Cage rolls RDJ back in the ring. With him draped over the apron, Cage knees him in the head. Cage rolls back in, and tosses Johnson into the corner. Lifts Johnson up and tucks his head in the turnbuckle for the pocket superkick. I think Johnson is concussed. The Wave waits as Johnson struggles to regain himself. He just turns around and walks into a Classic Disclaimer. 1,2,3.



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