United Heavyweight Champion

Guadalajara, Mexico
6’5 | 309 lbs | Age 34

From Guadalajara, Mexico, he is your reigning UPW Heavyweight Champion, Tauro. Tauro is a Unicorn, a 4th generation wrestler. His Great-Grandfather was El Toro, a legend of the early 1920’s. His Grand Father, El Hijo Del Toro, also was a former champion and even at one point won tag gold teaming with his father. His father almost didn’t follow in the family business, but eventually became the modestly successful rudo El Bruto in the 1980s. Tauro debuted in 2002 at the age of 16. A natural, By 23, he was a big star in Mexico’s biggest promotion LLM (Lucha Libre Del Mundo). By 26 he was world champion. Tauro took a break from wrestling in 2015 to have a family and star in multiple independent films. Tauro returned to wrestling in 2017, debuting UPW. Tauro’s star power has put UPW on the map in many ways– both in the ring and in culture. Tauro has begun a guest role on the Spanish telenovela, “Ganada”. On top of that, he is the longest reigning UPW champion of all time and a 2-time Digital Wrestling Touch wrestler of the year.

Durango Frog Splash

Middle-Rope Gore
Three Amigos