UNITED World Heavyweight Champion

Hartford, Connecticut
6’1 | 233lbs | Age 34

Debuting in 2010, Andrews was in the first graduate class of the Wolfpac Academy. He began his career in the tag team ranks, honing his skills in the Convection Tag Team with veteran Logan Hogarth. The team would win several tag titles. Andrews would eventually turn on his partner and become the “Ace of Spades.” Andrews career exploded from the ashes of his former partner’s, with Andrews winning numerous World Titles over the next 7 years. In late 2019, Andrews went down with a torn tricep and was AWOL. Rumors that his contract had expired ran rampant. In January 2020, UPW confirmed that Ace Andrews has signed a 3 year contract. Andrews debuted at UPW at Inception, competing in the first ever LoneStar Match. Entering at #1, Andrews proved that he was willing to take any risk to win the match. Ace Andrews and Solo Henry battled as the last two men when Andrews tapped into his ace in the hole–Christian Crain. A Crain Malfunction and a Perfect Illusion sealed Andrews destiny as the First Lonestar winner. With a gaurenteed title match in tow, Andrews was on a collision course with the World Champion Tauro.

Signature Moves: Risky Business, Superkick

Finisher: The Perfect Illusion