The stars of United Pro Wrestling collide in New York City, in what will be a explosive end to Season 1 of UPW. Every championship will be on the line. The two night extravaganza concludes tonight, who will leave the big apple with the gold!

After weeks of tension, “Mexico’s Most Lethal Export” Tauro will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against the 2021 Lonestar Winner, the “Ace of Spaces” Ace Andrews. Andrews and Tauro have gone back an forth but who will leave NY with the richest prize? “

“Mexico’s Most Lethal Export” Tauro (c) vs. “The Ace of Spades” Ace Andrews Steel Cage for the United World Heavyweight Championship

Riley Q (c) vs. Unstoppable Ultra No Disqualification the United World Women’s Championship

Stannis vs. ButterSlug vs. Kennedy Wynn vs. Deadbolt Jones vs. Koba Mabuchi vs. Alex Haas Showcase Invitational; Winner Gets a Contract for Any Match




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